Wonderland Weekly Vol. 3

Weekly wordy wanderings welcomed on Wednesdays.

Wonderland in Media:

What the Bleep Do We Know: Down the Rabbit Hole: Excellent film exploring physics and its connection to spirituality. “The rabbit hole, and how deep, and how far, we want to go, is really how far, how much do you want to discover about your true nature.” “Alice went down the rabbit hole where she met the mad hatter. The hatter was mad, and the idea is you want to get out of the rabbit hole after you’ve gone in.”

I particularly love the Dr. Quantum bits. 

Quote of the Week:

‘I never ask advice about growing,’ Alice said indignantly.

‘Too proud?’ the other enquired.

Alice felt even more indignant at this suggestion. ‘I mean,’ she said, ‘that one ca’n’t help growing older.’


I grew older this week. I turned twenty and four. Which just happens to be forty-two backwards. 

I have more posts in the works, but I haven’t had much time lately to really finish them up. So, likely, there will be several posts all at once sometime in the next couple of weeks. 

Furthermore, today happens to be the spring equinox! Or Ostara. I think Ostara is a fascinating day, and the ties to the Christian Easter are just as fascinating. But I think I’ll cover that in a week and a half and just suffice it to say  today:

May Ostara bring joy and easiness into your lives,
may her fertility be passed over to you and may your dreams, ideas, wishes, plans ripen and bear new fruits.

May the loveliness of spring open your hearts and may you understand the beauty of being and take it in.

Full of strength and new energy you shall walk into the brightness of the awakening spring and you shall leave the darkness of the past time behind.

Let go all former burdens and get rid of the ballast still hindering you.
Free and with new strength your feet shall carry you towards dawn.

May Ostara bless you all!  ~ (via this)



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