I Could Never Get the Hang of Thursdays

I say this a lot. Most Thursdays in fact. Right now is the very end of a Thursday for me, and boy what a Thorsday it was. Complete with the Thor. You know what they say about April, it ends with Pilgrims.

(April showers bring May flowers, but what do Mayflowers bring? . . . )

So we had some amazing thunderstorms and I watched Nausicaa and now I’m sitting at the kitchen table drinking chamomile (from a box, not from my German Chamomile plant just yet) and admiring my little green friends that didn’t get much sun or fresh air today. I’m hoping to use some of the herbs for some cooking this weekend, though, and looking forward to creating my own herbal tea blends. Mostly, I’m just sitting here thinking about everything and nothing.

Thursdays, man.

A lot can happen on a Thursday. You can fall down a rabbit hole, or hitch a ride on a Vogon ship, or watch some beautiful art in motion, or breathe spring rain deeply, or realize just how much Japanese anime has to teach you about life. The possibilities are truly endless.

But whatever your Thursdays bring you, just remember:



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