Wonderland Weekly #7

Weekly wordy wanderings welcomed on Wednesdays.

Wonderland in Media:

“According to Morton N. Cohen in his Lewis Carroll: A Biography (1995),along with the Bible and Shakespeare, the Alice books are the most widely quote books in the Western World.” ~Jan Susina, author of The Places of Lewis Carroll in Children’s Literature

Quote of the Week: 

She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it). ~Lewis Carroll

My apologies for occasionally using the same quotes. I don’t notice. I just post the ones I like at that moment, which means they’re just that good and I bet you don’t really mind. 😉

So I want to share something with you that I truly love. There are a plethora of videos, of various characters as well (though Peter, Alice, Hatter, Sally, and Jack are my absolute faves), but i want to share this one today and I will probably share more in the future because I adore these people. It’s actually something I would love to do some day. Enjoy! And have a lovely week.



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