Wonderland Weekly #8

Weekly wordy wanderings welcomed on Wednesdays.

This Wonderland Weekly is going to be a bit different.

Because today is Beltane!!!!! 😀

It’s May! It’s May!

Last year, I made May Day baskets and treats for my friends and family and it was a wonderful day and I realized that Beltane is my second favorite holiday, Samhain being the first.

This year, I spent the last weekend out of town, have had some exciting things happening the last few days, and was mostly surprised that May is already here. So I haven’t prepared anything.

I did however make a “fairy garden” with my mum this weekend, so I feel like that is something. The veil is thin and it is a good time to share happiness with the fae folk and other spirits. It’s a beautiful day as well.


Mine is in the pinkish pale, my mum’s are in the red pot and the ceramic wheelbarrow. Aren’t they cute? It was very fun to play with these.

I also think I’m going to check out a Beltane festival this weekend, where the theme is, believe it or not, fae! So I want to take this WW to wish everyone a joyous and blessed Beltane, May Day, or Calan Mai, whichever best suits you, and I hope you let loose and have fun. May you have much love in your life, no matter your path, and don’t forget our little friends either. 😉

Quote of the Week (surprisingly not from Lewis Carroll, but I think it quite suits him anyway):

“Sometimes nonsense makes the most sense.” ~Cassie Nightingale (The Good Witch’s Charm)

On The Good Witch movies, I really liked this.

Also, I love to listen to this song today.


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