Down the Organic Raw Vegan Rabbit Hole . . . with an organic raw carrot.

I had the absolute pleasure this evening of going with a friend to see this guy speak at a local vegan and gluten free cafe. It perked my interest because it was posted by a girl I don’t know in a Facebook group I’m in for nerdy things. I’m vegan. I have been for about nine months now, and recently, very recently, I’ve become fascinated by the raw food phenomenon.

So when a fellow nerd posted about this man coming to speak about how he turned his health around full stop by indulging in a raw organic vegan diet, I was intrigued.

He didn’t disappoint. He was very interesting, full of information, and a lovely spirit. But when he mentioned going down the rabbit hole it really hit me how incredibly applicable the experience was to my blog and to my life.

Question Everything. It is amazing to me how I can still be surprised that culture is lying to me. Society is an insane animal. I read Daniel Quinn’s book, Ishmael, almost six years ago, when I was freshman in college, and it was just the tip of the iceberg for me starting to question what I thought I knew. And those questions are everywhere. 

I question the education system. Or really any system, especially ones funded by government.

I question religion.

I question food and healthcare, especially as of about a year ago.

And I also question my questioning.

Dave the Raw Food Trucker (the guy I went to see tonight. If you didn’t click on the links, sorry to keep you in suspense, but I really wanted you to click them and see him for yourself) talked about this one doctor who apparently shows up on a quackery list. (I didn’t realize such things existed.) This got me thinking. You do have to be careful. I try to be open minded as much as possible, but one of my fears is actually of being too open minded.

There are conspiracy theories out there and I’m afraid I’ll fall for the wrong ones. A healthy dose of skepticism never hurt anyone, did it?

But what Dave was saying makes sense to me. I think when it comes to health and bodies, there is still a ton we don’t know. We are lied to for sure. Scientifically speaking, logically speaking, there are things that don’t make sense about the rationale of doctors and health care providers and the FDA and the AMA and all those other initialisms (Google chrome needs to talk to the Vlogbrothers, it thinks initialism isn’t a word). There is a money thing there. There is a power thing there. And there is a receptive thing there. (For example, I am sensitive to energies, as are some of my friends, but other friends of mine are closed off to them, don’t believe in them, etc. So energy work might not help them, but it does help me.)

But physical bodies aren’t all the same. And there are things we don’t know about history. Even our short little human history. So to say that one sort of diet is the best thing for everyone is like saying one sort of shoe will fit every foot perfectly. (News flash shoe companies, one size 7 does not fit all size 7s equally!) Or that the same pair of jeans will flatter my butt as well as yours (insert similar news flash for the jeans companies). Or that blue looks great on all skin tones . . . you get the idea.

What I really liked about Dave was that he kept reiterating (and whether this was for legal purposes or because he truly thinks like this, I can’t say) that he was only speaking about his experience and that “We the People” should be allowed to view the information, the whole honest information, and decide for ourselves. 

To which I say: Amen, brother. That’s all I’m asking for.

 ‘There is no one right way to live.’ ~Daniel Quinn


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