Who are you?

I just want to point out, and I think a quick Google search will prove me correct, Wonderland and Steampunk are a great match.

Also, check out who I met the other day!




I didn’t see any mushrooms around though.


Well hello.

I’ve been really busy and I’ve had literally no ideas to post on here.

Until the other day.

I was cast in a piece and we had our big premiere this past weekend, three shows, and then two days off before leaving to take the show on a small tour. It was great. We had a blast. On the bus ride home the other night, in an effort to stay awake, my friend was sharing her ipod with me and I was more or less in charge of scrolling through her music and picking random songs. It was fun, and sometimes she would say, “oh, wait, you have to hear this one.” 

Such was the case with one song in particular, which was beautiful, and which I looked at her and said, oh my gosh, of course, because Wonderland just follows me around.

So I must share with you this song titled Wonderland by Natalia Kills.

Also, when faced with the question of what Disney character are you, I was labeled the Cheshire Cat by one friend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . . . We’re all mad here.

PS I’m pretty excited to see the new OUAT Wonderland.