Guest Post: How to Train Your Dancer

Jess let me make a guest post over on her amazing blog! Check it out!


Hello everyone! Jess was on vacation last week so she left me in charge! (Which is a mistake people usually only make once.)

So in honor of all the summer camps, workshops, and intensives, I have this to share with you:

How to Train Your Dragon Dancer

via, “Dazzly Dragon with Tutu” I kinda want one . . .

1. Give your dancer a ballet class every morning. It’s a great way to start her day of dancing. Plus, beginning class at a designated spot at the barre, gives her easy access to her coffee.

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Note: Do not let her tendu into her coffee. If it spills she will be very sad. This is not good for your dancer. Your dancer needs her coffee. She also needs to not be sad.

2. Stretch your dancer.  Dancers need plenty of stretching time, in and out of class. Not every dancer is naturally built like…

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