About 4tea2

Welcome, welcome! Do come in. Care for some tea?

Please excuse the mess. I’ve just had a thought. Thoughts can be troublesome little monsters, as I’m sure you are well aware.

You see they just run about and you can’t contain them until it’s all but too late.

Well, this thought of mine was born from a mixture of things all banging around my head at once.

You see, I was reading a book, and I was wanting to be back in school. I was also looking through a blog, this blog, to be more specific, and the most curious thing happened. I decided to make my own blog. Only I’ve tried this blogging thing before, with very little success.  So I’m crossing my fingers and sticking out my neck. Here we go again.

This blog is a brain child. More literally than you might imagine. This blog, though I’m hoping it will evolve into something wonderful, is, at it’s start, a place for ideas. I want to make a post or posts about this in more depth, but what you should know right now is this: we are all mad here and we are curious-er than Cheshire kittens.  We question and we explore and we must share in this adventurous journey through our own personal wonderlands.

I would be ever so glad if you joined me. Here, have some mushroom. Oh, and look! A rabbit’s hole . . .


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